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Sage FAS Fixed Assets
The Sage FAS Asset Accounting family provides easy-to-use fixed asset accounting, depreciation, and reporting features for businesses, governments, schools, and nonprofit organizations. Standard and customizable depreciation calculation methods help your business or organization optimize balance sheets, reduce insurance overpayments, and maximize tax savings. Sage FAS conveniently manages assets throughout their lifecycle - from acquisition to disposal - and will provide a wealth of benefits quickly.

With a comprehensive depreciation engine containing more than 300,000 IRS and GAAP rules, FAS Asset Accounting makes managing the lifecycle of your company's fixed assets - from acquisition to disposal--fast, easy, and accurate. FAS Asset Accounting eliminates the time and energy it takes to manually perform the necessary accounting procedures, allowing you to focus on other tasks. Sage FAS has budget-friendly versions to meet the specific needs of your organization - from single-user, multi-user, or Microsoft® SQL networks, to the number of assets in your organization. FAS Asset Accounting can be customized to work to meet the specific needs of any business process with user-definable fields, "Smart Lists," Asset Templates, and more.

More than 10,000 Assets/Microsoft SQL Network FAS 500 Asset Accounting has the power you need to manage your fixed assets and maintain reliable, relevant, useful data. Sage FAS provides powerful reporting capabilities allowing you to access information quickly, easily, and in the way it is needed. Download fact sheet here. Download fact sheet here.

Stand-Alone/Network/Fewer than 10,000 Assets FAS 100 Asset Accounting provides the same complete depreciation calculations as the entire FAS Asset Accounting family, and can be used as a stand-alone version, or can be networked for multiple users. Built-in security ensures that users can only access the information they need based on their role in the company. Download fact sheet here.

FAS Suite offers a comprehensive solution for fixed asset & personal property tax management. Managing your assets just became easier than you ever dreamed possible! FAS family of software includes the following applications: FAS Asset AccountingTM, FAS Asset InventoryTM, FAS FirstStepTM and FAS Report Writer.

Microsoft Dynamics® GP Fixed Asset Management
Improve financial management for your business by tracking, analyzing, and manipulating fixed assets to meet specific needs. Fixed Asset Management in Microsoft Dynamics® GP delivers multiple features and reporting tools that help you manage company assets with minimal effort and tremendous flexibility. Download fact sheet here.

Save time and money by setting up assets quickly and easily. Use classes or account groups to optimize operations by setting defaults and making mass changes, such as retirement or depreciation, to large numbers of assets at the same time.

Integrate powerfully
Empower your business by combining Fixed Asset Management with other modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP, ensuring accuracy while reducing redundant data entry.

Put your information to work
Make changes to one or many assets easily and capture necessary asset data for tax or reporting purposes while performing depreciations, averaging, or comparisons across assets.

Find the information you need
Access the data you need with an intuitive graphical user interface and convenient one-button access to user defined information or other critical data, including asset maintenance, purchase, lease, and book information.

Make depreciation easy
Manage asset depreciation with any of 16 depreciation methods, with the ability to back depreciation out, recalculate it, add additional depreciation, or project it ahead for any number of assets in your books.

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