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Companies are shifting to more advanced distribution management processes as increasing competition and disintermediation concerns grow. These trends are driving changes in distributors’ business relationships and processes. Companies now need distribution business software that can satisfy all of the challenges that they face.

Mills & Murphy Software Systems offers distribution business software that gives distributors the critical resources they need to manage every aspect of their business. Not only does Mills & Murphy Software Systems have software for distribution businesses, but they specialize in helping small and medium-sized distributors integrate business processes to operate more efficiently.

From order entry through product delivery, Mills & Murphy Software Systems enables clients to maintain tight control of all business processes to reduce costs, enable growth, and gain a competitive advantage.

Mills & Murphy Software Systems Consulting’s distribution management solutions deliver successful results. Increase efficiency and improve your company’s processes today with Distribution Business Software.

The Benefits of Distribution Management Software include:

Sales Order Processing – Distribution business software helps you enter orders faster and with fewer errors. Provide enhanced order visibility and automatic order status tracking. Allow for flexible pricing and commissions. Drive lower cost per transaction in the Sales Order Process.

Inventory Management –
Strike a profitable balance between supply and demand and give your business a competitive edge. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or a little of both, use time phased planning to reduce inventory on hand, increase inventory turns, and control your supply chain.

Inventory Reporting and Analytics –
Gain real-time visibility into the flow of inventory throughout the distribution process. Distribution management software helps track inventory on hand, calculate order quantities, reduce inventory costs, and increase inventory turns.

Time Sensitive Picking –
Pick stock based on date purchased which enables First In First Out (FIFO) inventory flow.

Multi Bin Capability –
Support random bin location or defined physical bin location to maximize the utilization of warehouse capacity and space.

Bar Coding –
Arm your staff with accurate and timely information to process and manage the flow of material through your warehouse or factory. Distribution business software will help you input data faster; simplify receipt and issue of inventory; guarantee accurate picking; control labor costs; and track machine utilization.

Demand Planning –
Anticipate demand and be more aware of potential changes through improved sales forecasting.

Automatic Purchase Order Generation –
Automatically generate purchase orders based on user defined criteria per inventory item.

Advanced Distribution –
Optimize distribution and streamline your distribution process by making it fit your specific needs. Gain a high degree of control while ensuring speed and accuracy. Integrate and automate the sharing of information between fulfillment and invoicing processes. Establish consistent, accurate workflow.

Advanced Picking –
Increase visibility and tracking for picking information. Facilitate shorter pick journeys and send goods straight to the appropriate loading bay by producing bulk picks coupled with individual sequenced picks. Set parameters based on site, bin sequence, schedule, consolidation, or individual item to maintain the best profit margin.

Available to Promise –
Give customers firm promises on when a product is deliverable, and eliminate the risk of stock-outs. Distribution management software allows you to know instantly how much of each product is on hand, how much is committed, and how much is tied up unnecessarily in transactions that may never take place.

Order Management and Fulfillment –
Manage your order fulfillment processes with pinpoint accuracy. Monitor order fulfillment and invoicing more accurately and in real time. Fill orders faster. Streamline pick/pack/ship cycle. Coordinate your out-bound logistics with your internal processes. Minimize shipping and labor costs.

Customer Relationship Management –
Infuse your organization with new levels of customer intelligence giving every customer-facing employee the information they need to support customers. Create a centralized repository of customer data that sits neatly alongside Microsoft Office Outlook making it easy to deploy and use.

Manufacturing Process Management/ Manufacturing Software Solution
Automate manufacturing processes. Reduce manufacturing lead times. Reduce inventory. Deliver product faster. Improve customer responsiveness. Improve quality. Enable a customer order driven, sequenced, build-to-order, assemble-to-order manufacturing process that supports both six sigma and lean principles in a just-in-time environment.

Financial Management Software
Take full advantage of your financial information. Gain instant access to accurate, up-to-date financial data. Make more informed business decisions. Manage the cash cycle in any manufacturing or distribution organization more effectively. Increase cash velocity to drive higher ROI. Insure regulatory compliance while simplifying the accounting process.

Reporting –
Get the right information to the right people at the right time. Provide executives and managers access to Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Access critical business information from anywhere via secure, web-based portal. Gain visibility across your organization.

HR Management -
Attract the best new employees. Manage all personnel-related processes including skills management, training and labor steps. Implement and track meaningful benefit programs. Manage and process payroll internally or outsource to leading service providers like ADP. Offer employee self-service capabilities. Deliver the information your managers need to make better informed decisions faster.

IT / Network Infrastructure –
Insure network availability and performance. Proactively monitor all network devices and forecast failures before they occur. Implement procedures to easily maintain security patches/updates on a monthly basis. Create regular site and device reporting.

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