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Financial Management - Financial Software Solution

Mills & Murphy Software Systems specializes in helping small and medium-sized companies integrate business processes to operate more efficiently.  Mills & Murphy Software Systems enables clients to maintain tight financial control and improve accounting practices allowing you to make informed operational and strategic decisions based on real-time, accurate financial information.

Mills & Murphy Software Systems will help you improve and integrate the following business processes:

General Ledger – Sharply reduce time and effort spent on key accounting tasks.  Manage the financial heart of your business with intelligent accounting and analysis capabilities.  Get the vital information you need to make better business decisions with comprehensive reports and easy-to-use inquiry tools that facilitate quick, accurate analysis of your business operations.

Receivables ManagementMaintain tight control over accounts receivables and easily track invoices, process receipts, and analyze customer activity so you can effectively manage sales made on account.  Enhance service levels and increase retention with customized information, history, and notes that are easily accessible when talking to customers. 

Payables Management – Improve your control over expenses with up-to-the-minute information about your payables, easy management of your vendors, and effort-saving automation of many routines or complex tasks.  Better manage expenses with payment scheduling and tracking.  Get real-time visibility to current cash flow status.

Bank ReconciliationManage all of your bank related activity through a single, automated intersection including cash, check, and credit card transactions, bank account balances, and automated reconciliation.  Instantly review transactions, see summary information, mark those that need further attention, and drill down for further detail – all from a single window.

Analytical Accounting – Analyze financial data by whatever criteria you require, introduce greater reporting flexibility and extensibility, and analyze transactions more efficiently.  Focus on the financial data you need to make better business decisions by including or restricting report content that is important to your organization’s reporting needs.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – Provide executives and decision makers at-a-glance access to key business metrics so they can quickly assess the health of the business and take command when conditions change.  Define and deliver instant access to personalized views of key business information – profitability, debt-to-equity, gross margin – via a web-based portal.

Sales Order Processing
– Enter orders faster and with fewer errors.  Provide enhanced order visibility and automatic order status tracking.  Allow for flexible pricing and commissions.  Drive lower cost per transaction in the Sales Order Process. 

Inventory Management –
Strike a profitable balance between supply and demand and give your business a competitive edge.  Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor or a little of both, use time phased planning to reduce inventory on hand, increase inventory turns, and control your supply chain.

Financial management software: Microsoft Dynamics
Learn how Microsoft Dynamics financial management software gives your people the tools they need to measure financial effectiveness and performance

Empower financial managers to succeed
Sound, responsible financial management is at the heart of business success. Now you can give people across your organization the tools to reach their professional goals and keep your organization's financial operations and performance on track. Microsoft Dynamics is designed to help people work efficiently, focus on tasks that add the most value, and collaborate productively.

  • Microsoft Dynamics presents a familiar, easy-to-navigate interface that is easily customized to present key functions and information people need. Because it works like the familiar tools many workers already use, Microsoft Dynamics can help employees across the company make a positive impact on financial management right from the start. Tasks are streamlined and functions are connected to help reduce busy work and redundancies. Microsoft Dynamics business software works the way technology should and enables people to work the way they want to.

  • Automation and efficiencies introduced by Microsoft Dynamics financial solutions help to accelerate and simplify financial management at many levels. Bring formerly disparate sources of information into a single view of events and help to ensure that the right people can take action. Produce the kind of results that many businesses report achieving with Microsoft Dynamics financial solutions. These accomplishments can include reducing the time for monthly closes, shortening the accounts receivable wait, invoicing with greater accuracy, and increasing return on investments in technology, skills, and processes.

  • Integrate Microsoft Dynamics financial solutions with other business software tools you already use to help increase the reach and relevance of your technology investments. Review financial information in your spreadsheet program or insert the data in a document that is open in your word processing application. Provide reports and other business data in a business portal on the company intranet for financial managers who are collaborating across the company, and across the globe. Or make financial information available on the company's extranet with security enhancements to promote privacy for auditors or board members.

Compete more effectively with better insight into financials
Microsoft Dynamics solutions for financial management can provide tools and insight to help your team make more informed decisions. These tools and insights can help your company set a competitive direction for your business. With Microsoft Dynamics financial solutions, you can transform financial and executive management of your company into a dependable, efficient process.

  • Microsoft Dynamics financial management tools present many ways to report, analyze, and publish financial information. Use the powerful analytical tools in your business management solution to ascertain business performance. Watch the business performance of key performance indicators (KPIs) on your intranet portal, streamlined for the benefit of business executives. Export information into a spreadsheet for further analysis. And access feature-rich, flexible report creating capabilities to present business information in the best format for your audience.

When you implement Microsoft Dynamics solutions for financial management and integrate them with your business database and reporting application, you can increase the level of intelligence in your business. Use advanced reporting and analytical capabilities to gain relevant insight into any aspect of your operation. Plan for the future based on a solid understanding of business events and trends. And establish a meaningful, competitive business strategy.

  • Regulatory compliance is a significant concern for many businesses. Compliance can present challenges because of its cost and complexity. Even if regulation doesn't apply to your organization, you might want to do business with companies or in markets that are subject to regulation. Microsoft Dynamics financial management solutions enable your managers to implement and demonstrate effective compliance processes and provide the reports and documentation required in doing so.

Realize your vision for growth
Microsoft Dynamics solutions for financial management can help you promote the kind of business growth you want to bring about. Business and technical expertise from Microsoft and its many partners can assist you in gaining the best value from your technology as your requirements change.

  • Microsoft Dynamics solutions for financial management enable you to extend your business into other geographies, market segments, and industries, fine tuning the technology as you move forward. Microsoft Dynamics supports international business with foreign currencies and languages and reduces the complexity of doing business globally. Your business managers can simplify transactions and communications between the company's subsidiaries.

  • Remove artificial limits to business growth with the flexibility and scalability of Microsoft Dynamics financial solutions. Microsoft Dynamics solutions are built to follow your lead—they don't impose technology hurdles that require you to start over with a different product or platform. Simply select the products with the functionality you need today, and rest assured that you’ve invested in technology that can grow with your business.
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