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Receivables Management
You can use Receivables Management to set up, enter, and maintain customer records, salesperson and sales territory information, national accounts, and transactions. When necessary, you can enter beginning balances for open item and balance forward customers and set up customer classes. You also can use Receivables Management to complete the following tasks:
  • Create, modify, and post payment schedules
  • Post transactions individually or in batches
  • Allocate transaction amounts to posting accounts
  • Enter, modify, and split commissions for your salespeople
  • Enter transactions for payments received from customers
  • Import bank lockbox transactions automatically
If you use Bank Reconciliation, cash transactions and payments posted in Receivables Management automatically update Bank Reconciliation. If you use Multicurrency Management, you can view functional and originating information. You can use inquiries and reports to analyze the information you've entered into the system. You can analyze customer activity and transaction information, and display the information either on the computer screen or on a report.
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